A friend of mine has relocated to Las Vegas and was looking for advice. He wanted to know what he should be looking for to find a location to live in. I have a few ideas about what you need to do when you're resettling.

1) Rent at first, don’t buy.

          Hopefully you’re going to know where you’ll be working. But you won’t know the neighborhoods, the commutes, and the things you are going to wind up wanting to do. Finding a one year rental gives you time to get settled, and also give you time to start looking for the right house to buy, not just the right now house.

2) Ask the locals.

           Every town has “That neighborhood”. Although you will get different opinions, you can pretty much tell where the locals wouldn’t live. I find everything to be relative though. Some areas can be depressed because it was not a nice neighborhood years ago, but with new people moving in and gentrification it might be the new happening neighborhood.

3) Talk to the Cops

           Most police departments have “Lunch/Coffee with a Cop” outreach programs, they know EVERYTHING….

4) Online searches.


There are a bunch of great websites that will give you the rough stats on an area. There are some sites that also specialize in crime reports. For Crime reports I like to use.
Also check out the sex offender website most places have now a days.

5) Drive around.


Get out, start looking around. Don’t settle into a routine where you aren’t exploring new things. Find what you want BEFORE you buy.





Many years ago Aunt Beth and her husband moved to Phoenix. He went ahead and bought a house while she finished up things in Wisconsin and followed later.

She showed up to her new house and hated it. She hated the layout, she hated the location, she hated it.

They lived there for many years. He passed away, and she lived in that house she hated.

Then one day, she decided to move from the house she hated, and that
’s where I came into the scene.

I asked her one question: “Where did you *want* to live?”

And she had an answer, within weeks of moving down here she had found a group of condos built around some man-made lakes. There were trees, there were walking paths, and that
’s where she dreamed of living all those years.

So we searched those condos, and eventually one came up that had been recently remodeled, walking distance from the lake, and just the size she wanted.

There was a bit of drama. We had to time the sale of her house with the purchase of the condo. Her bank fell out, after assuring us that they didn’t have a problem with the condo. A new lender had to be found. But in the end, she got the place.


Now she lives in the neighborhood she always loved and takes her old rescue greyhound Jake for walks around the lake. (Jake even found himself a girlfriend!)

Ray Dawson
Residential Sales Manager