Commercial Leasing

Jeff Jennings only represents  Metro Phoenix area commercial Tenant’s and Buyer’s, NOT Owner’s or Landlord’s
There are no fees or commissions paid by the Tenant.  Our fees are paid by a splitting the commission already being paid to the Owner’s Agent.
The Owner pays the commission, not the Tenant.
Smart Tenant’s and Buyer’s of commercial real estate in Arizona have an agent represent their interest’s exclusively.
This gives them confidence they have a strong advocate on their side, negotiating against the Owner and the Owner’s Agent.
Owner’s Agents in Arizona are obligated to represent the property Owner’s. Those Agents do their best to reach the maximum price and terms for the Owner.
Owner’s Agents are NOT looking out for the interest’s of the Tenant.
Dual Agents (trying to represent both an Owner and a Tenant) are boxed between two Clients with conflicting intentions,making it  real tough to provide aggressive representation to either party.
If they are not advocating for just you, are you going to get the best deal you can?


We are Tenant’s Agents’ working for you . . .and it is Free!!!                

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